While some collision centers might prefer to keep their customers blissfully unaware, we feel it’s important to let you in on what your vehicle goes through during its time in our shop. We put a lot of time and work into your repairs so you can drive away with complete confidence and peace of mind that your vehicle is returned to its safe, pre-accident condition.

1.     Start with service. Our representatives will guide you through the entire repair process before it begins. We will work with you during vehicle drop off if possible and help you with 24/7 flatbed tow truck services, vehicle rental, and claims assistance.

2.     Assess the damage. Once we get your vehicle to the shop, one of our estimators will inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. From here, we will write an official estimate, pre-order necessary parts, and set up an appointment for you to drop your vehicle off for repair. If your vehicle is determined unsafe to drive, we will suggest that you leave it with us and arrange alternative transportation. If your vehicle was towed to us, we will complete the damage assessment and contact you with the results.

3.     Create a plan. After damage is assessed, our technicians will begin drafting a plan to complete the collision repair on your vehicle. At this point, we completely disassemble the damaged area to identify any and all issues from the accident. If hidden damage is found (which is often the case), we will add the damaged areas to our initial estimate and determine any additional inner structure, mechanical, and suspension repairs.

4.     Obtain insurance approval. If the cost of repair will be covered by an insurance agency, we will contact the company directly with our damage estimate, along with sending them our supplemental reports and digital images of the damage for approval. Once we receive approval from the insurance company, we begin the process of locating and ordering the necessary parts for repair.

5.     Repair structural damage. Once we receive the parts we need for repairs, we work to return the frame of your vehicle to factory specification. We use a sophisticated laser measuring system to ensure that the frame repairs conform to the manufacturer’s specifications.

6.     Bring the body back to life. During this step in the process, we work to rebuild the “walls” of your vehicle by replacing exterior panels and all metal finishing. All work is tested to ensure your vehicle’s parts look, fit, and align properly.

7.     Refinish and prepare for paint. Since all collision-related repairs require some degree of cosmetic work, paint preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process. We prepare all panels for paint and use the highest quality of top color and clear coats that meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. All of our refinishing work is backed by a lifetime paint performance guarantee.

8.     Re-assemble. Once your vehicle has gone through the refinish process, we re-attach additional parts such as mirrors, moldings, and other hardware and complete an extensive pre-delivery inspection.

9.     Inspect for perfection. It’s common for vehicles to accumulate dust associated with the repair process. During our inspection process, we detail your vehicle by cleaning it and testing all systems so you can be sure your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

10.   Present the finished product.  When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, we will explain the bill to you and complete the final paperwork. When we present your vehicle, we review all work that has been accomplished during the repair and answer any questions you may have.

If you have accident damage or need detailing or refinishing services for your vehicle, click here to request an appointment.

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