Advanced Cleaning


Chesapeake Collision, your collision hero, is the first collision repair company in the nation to implement enhanced vehicle cleaning protocols to reduce the spread of surface borne pathogens.

Chesapeake Collision owner, John Botek, recently announced the implementation of structured cleaning protocols for customer vehicles.

“At Chesapeake Collision, we utilize contact cleaning, HEPA technology and personal protection to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.”



John’s 20 years of Executive leadership in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and his experience with deadly anthrax and smallpox pathogens makes him unique in the collision repair industry to address the current threats.

“The most effective and best science recommends a multi-functional approach to reduce transfer of pathogens,” he stressed in making the announcement. “One misconception is that a quick wipe with an anti-viral or anti bacteria wipe will inactivate these pathogens.  A critical element of inactivation is disinfectant contact time. We follow the best available science and ensure adequate contact time required for inactivation.”

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