2300 Solomons Island Rd
Huntingtown, MD
(410) 414-2177

Open Monday-Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Chesapeake Collision Huntingtown, MD Location


When your car was designed and built the manufacturer used the newest computer technology. Here at Chesapeake Collision repair Huntingtown we also use the latest computer technology to repair your vehicle. Using a computer-controlled laser system that measures pre-determined points on your vehicle to identify areas that may have been damaged in the accident.

About Us

When going through the collision repair process each step is handled with the utmost care and the best technicians for the job.  Developing a plan of action for each vehicle depending on the amount of damage and time for repair is important to ensure that no little detail is missed.  The vehicle is places on a stable platform with multi-directional pull capabilities.  Through the entire collision repair process, the predetermined measuring points are constantly evaluated by the laser measuring system until the suggested manufacturer specifications are met or exceeded. These type of repairs are often measured in millimeters and often is less than the height of two pennies stacked up.  Only highly qualified technicians can achieve this level of exacting quality.

Only quality care at Chesapeake Collision in Huntingtown

Does your vehicle headlights look like your car has a cataract? Close encounters with a shopping cart?  Or just in need of a little freshening?  Chesapeake Collision can handle all of your reconditioning needs.  Headlights, cosmetic repairs, mufflers, insurance repairs, dent repair and even regular scheduled maintenance.  We do it all under one roof, which makes the entire process smooth and easy for our customers! Did you know your windshield is considered a major structural component?  With that being said, just a crack or a chip can compromise the safety of the windshield.  Here at Chesapeake we can replace all of your vehicle glass quickly and professionally. As will all Chesapeake repairs our workmanship and materials are warranted.

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