Your windshield serves as a protective barrier between you and your passengers and the outside world. Picture this: You’re driving down the road and the truck in front of you throws off a rock that leaves a tiny chip your windshield. No big deal, right?



That tiny chip has the potential to cause major damage in your vehicle and could eventually cause harm to you and your loved ones inside.

Chips and cracks in your vehicle’s windshield or windows are extremely sensitive. As weather cools or temperatures rise, cracks in glass change, too. A tiny chip, when exposed to the elements, can spread overnight or in a matter of minutes to create a much bigger problem – decreasing your line of vision while driving, or worse, causing your windshield to shatter if it is struck by road debris.


While it might not seem like a major issue, bringing your vehicle in for glass repair as soon as possible after it is chipped or cracked is a must-do.

Do you remember the salespeople who used to stand at mall kiosks asking, “Chip or crack in your windshield?” Turns out, they were onto something. Many people will ignore or avoid getting their windshields repaired simply because they don’t have the time to deal with the problem. Convenience is key, and unfortunately, many repair shops haven’t quite mastered the customer service quality.

At Chesapeake Collision, we believe that glass repair should be a quick and painless process. We understand that you don’t want to be burdened by lengthy turnaround or inconvenient appointment times. You have places to go, people to see, and you need your vehicle to get there.

So… Chip or crack in your windshield? Let our talented technicians come to your rescue. Our glass repair process is fast, efficient, and 100% guaranteed.


Contact us to set up an appointment for glass repair that works for you and your schedule!

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