Body Shops Baltimore

When you are faced with the task of finding body shops in Baltimore and Chesapeake, you need look no further. 

Chesapeake Collision is the right choice. Our body shop works hard to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations. Needing body shop repair alone can be a stressful situation. Why not go to a reliable place to get your repairs?  We perform several services at Chesapeake Collision outside of the usual dents and dings you may need repair on your vehicle.

Body Shop:

No collision is the same as the last. And no vehicle is the same as the last. That’s why the computer-controlled laser system that we use is so valuable. From the outside, we can see the damage to the body of your vehicle. But what happened under the body of your car when that impact occurred? The laser system helps us diagnose these problems so we can make the needed repairs. If your vehicle can be saved, we want it to be returned to you in factory condition.

Auto Glass Repair:

If you sustain damage to your windows during a collision we are also equipped to replace auto glass. If you simply have a tiny chip in the window, we can repair that as well. If chipped glass goes unnoticed or untreated, you will eventually have to replace the entire window. A small chip spreads out over time to become a large crack that could potentially hinder your vision when you are driving. When that large crack turns into many cracks and potential breaks, you are in the hole for a new windshield. Something that could cost little turns into costing much more.

Refinishing Experts:

When a car is damaged in a collision, refinishing may be a step in the repair process. When you bring your vehicle to Chesapeake Collision, you can rest assured that the painting is done by experts in their field. If you simply want to change the color of your car, we do that as well. And how about when you just need a few touch ups because someone nicked your car in the parking lot last week. Or perhaps you’ve gotten several nicks on the car over the last couple of years and now it’s time to sell. Increase the value of your car with a touch up. Our experts are ready for any job… big or small.

Towing & Transportation:

When you are in an accident, often you need a tow to get your vehicle to the repair shop. You need only call one place to have your car towed to Chesapeake Collision. An accident scene can be a stressful place. Allow us to relieve your stress by coming to get your vehicle and provide transportation to you. We can provide you with courtesy transportation and even car rental when needed. Just give us a call to set up repairs so we can help. Once your vehicle is repaired, we even offer free delivery of your repaired vehicle.

WARNING: Did you know that the as-seen-on-tv remedies for getting dents out of your vehicle can damage your car even further?

 The methods of popping your dent out whether it be a home remedy or as-seen-on-tv tools can stretch out the car’s material and leave you with a result that looks worse than the original dent. Fixing this later damage will cost you more than if you had gone to a body shop in the first place. Don’t try to fix dents at home… Leave it to a professional. Body shops Baltimore is the way to go. That’s why we are here!

Your vehicle may be an essential part of your life. Do you need it for work? For leisure? At Chesapeake Collision, we know you need your car back as soon as possible. That is why we work with all of the major insurance carriers to help your repairs happen as quickly as possible. In addition, we are centrally located with locations in Huntingtown, Glen Burnie, and Randallstown.

Who Are We?
Chesapeake Collision is a fully staffed body shop with highly trained auto body repair specialists that are experts in their field. Our specialists have extensive experience working on cars just like yours everyday. The body specialists work with our highly skilled painters and estimators to ensure your car looks shiny and new when we return it to your care. Our customers have come to expect a lot from us over the years. That is because they know our reputation and come to us with the confidence that we perform beyond their expectations every time. When you need to get back on the road in a hurry, searching for body shops Baltimore, find one that works efficiently, accurately, and without fail every time. That is Chesapeake Collision!

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