Auto Repair Baltimore

When auto repair in Baltimore is on the horizon, deciding on the right company to use for the services can be an intimidating task.

 You want a company that is going to be economical, efficient, and talented with excellent customer service skills. Well, you can stop right here because you have come to the right place. Chesapeake Collision has four locations for your convenience. We provide auto repair Huntingtown, auto repair Glen Burnie, and auto repair Randallstown.

Everyday we are tasked with collision repair for residents throughout the state and we tackle that responsibility with smiles on our faces and determination on our mind. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We know our customers may be a bit under stress when they come to us for auto repairs. We certainly don’t want to add to that stress. That is why we perform several services at Chesapeake Collision. We like to be a one-stop-shop for our customers.

If body damage has occurred and repairs are needed under the hood, we can take care of those repairs for you as well. Below we highlight the services that our collision repair specialists perform everyday for our customers.

Who Are We?

When you bring your vehicle to Chesapeake Collision, you are bringing your vehicle to a repair shop that is staffed with highly qualified auto repair specialists that take pride in their work because they do it so well. Their talents combined with their customer service skills have customers coming back and referring their friends and family. Our body repair specialists collaborate with our expert estimator and our excellent painters to provide customer service levels beyond our customer’s expectations. If you are looking for a reliable and trust worthy auto repair Baltimore shop, call Chesapeake Collision for an appointment today.

Our five-step process ensures your vehicle comes out looking as good as new.

Auto Repair Baltimore:

We are proud to say that we have a technology called computer-controlled laser system at our fingertips. This assists us in diagnosing problems that can occur under a car’s body due to a collision. Body repairs that you need are obvious, but repairs needed under the shell of your vehicle can go undetected until it gets worse. Having the computer-controlled laser system at our disposal allows us to further increase our customers’ satisfaction levels. Accurate diagnosis is important to avoid any further internal damage to your car. Call for an appointment today so we can help!

Auto Glass Repair:

Many people will get a chip in their windshield and ignore it hoping it won’t get worse. That is not a wise option, as often when you have a chip in your windshield it gradually gets worse until you are left with a full-blown crack in your windshield. Now you are faced with potential distraction while you drive. Next comes the crack forming more cracks. By now you are faced with the reality that replacing the entire windshield is your only option. So, when you see that minor chip in your windshield, make an appointment with Chesapeake Collision so we can remedy the situation before a new windshield is needed. Rest assured that whether you need a simple repair or an entire windshield replaced, Chesapeake Collision is the place to call for superior service.

Auto Painting:

Auto painting may be needed for a variety of reasons. This could include simply needing a new color or perhaps you had body repairs that need painting after the fixes are completed. You may simply need a touch-up as well. Or perhaps a paint job would increase the value of the vehicle you want to sell. Whatever the reason, know that we only hire experts in their fields to paint cars in our shop. We want everything done in our auto repair shop to be done on time, with accuracy, and with a smile. Those three things are why our customers come back to us and refer their friends and family.

Auto Towing & Transportation:

What is the first thing you need when you are involved in a fender bender? You need to get your car out of the middle of the action right? At Chesapeake Collision we pride ourselves on having a tow service so that you can have your car towed directly here with no confusion about where it should be towed. When your vehicle arrives at the shop, we inspect the vehicle and provide you with an estimate. We work with many insurance companies. Once the repairs are completed on your vehicle, we can even deliver the vehicle to you.

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