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You are driving down the I-170 on a brisk morning. Bumper to bumper traffic has slowed your speed down to a generous crawl. You are lucky it isn’t any faster though. Adding any more speed would threaten frost bite because you have a gaping hole in your windshield. When you are done playing Russian roulette with the traffic gods, be sure to get your auto glass repair Baltimore fixed at Chesapeake Collision auto glass. We make it safe to be on the road again. No more risking your life and the lives of your passengers by driving down the highway with a damaged windshield. With us in charge of your auto glass repairs, you can rest knowing your car is in good hands. 

Chesapeake Collision  is a shop that goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. If you are bringing in a vehicle that has been involved in a crash resulting in windshield damage, we work with most insurance companies. Even in the best of circumstances, working with insurance companies can be stressful. We take the stress away. 

The best tools are going to perform the best on your vehicle. This is why you can count on Chesapeake Collision . Part of our excellent customer service includes ensuring our customers have the BEST service that we can provide. One ingredient to make that happen are the best tools. The other element essential to the success of our business is the talent that our mechanics possess. They are provided with detailed training to ensure the proper installation of new windshields and even repairing windshields that are not beyond repair.

Don’t let the shops offering the “next great deal” lure you in. You will quickly discover that you get what you pay for. Lowest price means lowest level of quality. Choose an auto glass repair  Baltimore company that takes pride in their work. We can do that by training the best staff to do the best job. We have such pride in our work that we encourage you to thoroughly inspect our work before you drive your vehicle off the lot.

Some people delay fixes to their windshield because procrastination gets the best of them. Or they are simply too busy to bring their car in. Perhaps you only have a small chip in your windshield. While you may be tempted to put off getting the windshield fixed, we strongly recommend coming in to have the experts diagnose the problem. The smaller the chip, the smaller the fix. We don’t replace a windshield unless you really need a windshield replaced.


There are several safety risks that are present when your windshield is damaged or missing.


· Did you know that a damaged windshield (however small) can have a literal impact on the severity of a vehicle collision? With an intact windshield, the impact of the collision is dispersed throughout the vehicle. The dispersion of the impact is going to lessen the impact felt by the passengers of the vehicle. When the windshield is broken or even shatters in the collision, the passengers of the vehicle are at a greater risk for injury.

· A rollover accident can multiply in severity with a damaged windshield. In the event of a roll over, a structurally sound windshield is going to provide support to the vehicle that could prevent the roof from caving in. When lives are at risk, getting your chipped and broken glass repair or replaced becomes a much higher priority.



         The weakened state of a chipped, cracked, or even missing windshield is putting you at higher risk for being thrown from the vehicle in a collision where seatbelts are not fastened.

· Your windshield even has an impact on the proper function of your airbag. The windshield acts as a stopper for your airbag. If the airbag goes through an already damaged windshield, there is a risk of the airbag deflating before it has done its job in protecting you during a crash.

As you can see, the more damage to a windshield prior to a collision increases the danger in many ways. Rather than putting you and your passengers in danger by procrastinating the repair of a windshield. Call today to set up your appointment for a consultation for the best auto glass repair Baltimore. Where your safety is our priority.

Do you have questions about our process for auto glass repair Baltimore ? Insurance related questions? Give us a call today! We are happy to help.

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