What is Reconditioning?

Auto Reconditioning Service, Headlight Restoration, Dent Repair Your vehicle lease is due soon and a shopping cart decided to ‘kiss’ your car;  your neighbor’s child tore your leather seats; you let your son drive your car and he hit a curb damaging your $1,000 wheel. Do your headlights look like they have cataracts? Life is hard, especially on your vehicle, show your vehicle some love and give it a face lift! Protect your investment with Chesapeake Collision’s full range of “face lift” options. Call us today!

If you need more reasons to choose Chesapeake Collision for reconditioning your vehicle, here are 4 more:

1.    Reconditioning service should be a hassle-free experience
2.    ‘One Stop’ service car repair under one roof, including: all cosmetic repairs, headlight restoration new brake installment, muffler repair, insurance repair, dent repair , and even regularly scheduled maintenance
3.    Proven track record of customer satisfaction and excellence
4.    Skilled professional repair technicians and business partners